What you choose to expose yourself to tells a lot about who you want to be.

In the world of architecture, learning never stops. If you want to stay in step with the game, you have to constantly make an effort to learn. This commitment to good information goes beyond physical resource persons. In our technological world, the number of mediums you can derive quality lessons from is staggering. Blogs, ebooks, podcasts, videos, audiobooks, news sites – the list is endless. Still, it pays to know the cream of the crop.

If you expose yourself to quality materials, then you’re well on your way to be a quality designer. However, constantly surround yourself with mediocre and garbage learning environments, and your own development will follow that trend.

This category of posts contains my two cents to some of my favorite continued learning avenues. I’ll be giving reviews and my own opinion on books, periodicals, sites, and kinds of mentors that I have personally derived learning value from. Naturally, one size doesn’t fit all – so take these suggestions as personal opinion. In the end, you’ll be critically forming your own resource base – I’m just here to point a few guided fingers.

Jump-start your knowledge chest with these great posts:

– 6 Simple Truths Incoming Architecture Freshmen Can Expect.
– The 6 Guggenheim Helsinki Competition Finalists Have Been Announced!
– The Internship Guide 1: What Are the 2 Major Kinds of Design Firms?
– Don’t Be Discouraged: Why Having A Flawed First Design Project is NORMAL. (Q&A #4)
– 22 Simple Guidelines for the Successful Architecture Student
When A Toilet Costs More Than A HOUSE.
– 10 ESSENTIAL Tips for Drafting Like a Pro (Q&A #3)
– Know The Difference: How Architects and Engineers are Wired Differently
One Simple Tip to Give Yourself A HUGE Knowledge Boost
– Why Is it Important for Architects to Sketch?
– Check Out the 1,715 Entries! The Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition has Rocked the World.
How Do Architects Think? – An Eye Opener
Read Your Local Architectural Magazines and Get SMART

All posts in the “What Can You Expect to Learn In Architecture School?” Series:

Goal to be Architect

PART 1: Architectural Communication, History and Criticism, and Architectural Design and Theory.
PART 2: Building Materials and Constuction
PART 3: Structural Analysis & Conceptualization 
PART 4: Lighting and Acoustics Design
PART 5: Plumbing/Sanitary and Electrical Systems
PART 6: Mechanical, and Fire & Life Safety Systems
PART 7: Building Laws and Professional Practice
PART 8: Site & Urban Planning and Design, Architectural Research

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