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BLOGDATE #2: New Layout, Upcoming Mailing List, Free Ebook!

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Welcome back to the spanking new blog! (in terms of layout, anyway)

I was being a bit of a scientist lately, and this new layout is the product of my research & monitoring of stats and figures. So far, so good, readership is growing steadily in response to the incremental changes and additional content. So I am quite bouncy and happy given our current trajectory.

Hope you like how everything’s coming along so far, but again, if you have any comments or suggestions, I’d love to hear how I can make this blog better for you.

In our previous BLOGDATE a couple of weeks ago, I gave you a glimpse as to what I’m working for months and months down the road. For this second one, I’m be talking about a few more immediate happenings just around the bend. Continue reading BLOGDATE #2: New Layout, Upcoming Mailing List, Free Ebook!

Do I HAVE to Be Good at Drawing to Survive in Architecture School? (Q&A #1)

“Do you have to be good at drawing to survive in Architecture School?”

This question comes from Shai, one of our followers on Twitter. She is a high school architecture student hopeful, and her concern is one many others have once they consider design school as an educational option. So, do your hands have to be blessed by Olympus, lest you be thrown into Hades and flunk out? I have but one answer:

The truth is, it really depends.

Continue reading Do I HAVE to Be Good at Drawing to Survive in Architecture School? (Q&A #1)

BLOGDATE #1: Good Beginnings – What to Expect?

Welcome to your first date with Adam.

Please don’t run away and allow me to explain. I want to do a lot of good with this site as it develops, and I want you guys to know how I’m doing every step of the way. So I’ll be writing regular blog updates (blog-dates, get it?) to keep you in step with how I’m working to make Overcoming Archi-torture a better, more effective piece of textual intercourse for everyone.

It’s part of my commitment to transparency, and hopefully bringing down the walls somewhat will allow me to reach out in a more comfortable manner. Boom boom pow.

Today’s Blogdate (the firrsst!) will introduce the blog in its first iteration, give the first glimpse of the book’s progress, and fill you in on what to expect from me in the near future. Continue reading BLOGDATE #1: Good Beginnings – What to Expect?