The life of an architecture student is a roller-coaster ride. It has its constant ups and downs.

So before you even think about delving into the technicalities of structure, design, utilities, site planning, and all that hullabaloo, the one thing that will determine your success (and well-being) is your attitude.

In a superficial world, people tend to think that we’re defined by our physical characteristics, what we wear, or the things we outwardly project. The truth is, the things that truly define us are the intimate ongoings in our heads – our deep beliefs, our world view, and our personal sense of self-worth. The maxim of “I think therefore I am” is as right as rain.

You know how in every great cooking recipe, the secret ingredient is always revealed last? I’m doing the opposite here – I’m espousing the most important fundamentals first, so that it will have the most time to seep into your consciousness and get the good juices going.

So without further ado, I hope this opening gift becomes something that could improve your happiness and well-being not only in the context of Overcoming Archi-torture, but also in whatever future goals and aspirations you might have for yourself.

 Want some direction? Here are some choice entries that would be a great place to start:


You could also click on the image below and browse through all the entries in the category of ATTITUDE.





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