BLOGDATE #2: New Layout, Upcoming Mailing List, Free Ebook!

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Welcome back to the spanking new blog! (in terms of layout, anyway)

I was being a bit of a scientist lately, and this new layout is the product of my research & monitoring of stats and figures. So far, so good, readership is growing steadily in response to the incremental changes and additional content. So I am quite bouncy and happy given our current trajectory.

Hope you like how everything’s coming along so far, but again, if you have any comments or suggestions, I’d love to hear how I can make this blog better for you.

In our previous BLOGDATE a couple of weeks ago, I gave you a glimpse as to what I’m working for months and months down the road. For this second one, I’m be talking about a few more immediate happenings just around the bend.

1.) If it weren’t obvious, I architect-ed a new layout for the blog.

The old layout allowed readers to check out individual pages quite well, but didn’t really provide smoothness of navigation. It was hard to get around and uncover previous posts.

But that’s all changed with the new space planning I’ve implemented (yup, your monitor is pictorial space) which encourages clicking around and a bit of exploration.

As of posting, I’m pleasantly surprised at how these tweaks have already resulted in significantly higher interior traffic, making new readers stay a bit and check out other posts. Hoo-rah.

Naturally, the blog’s layout will develop again over time. But for the moment, this new one is doing pretty well so you can bet it’s something you’ll be getting accustomed to.

2.) I’ve got about 45 posts and pages so far, and that’s just going to keep growing.

I’m all about building the right foundations, and with how I’ve been starting and developing a good number of entry series, I think it’s clear that there’s a lot more great content to come.

Expect more links to some of the projects already started, such as:

What Can You Expect to Learn in Architecture School?
12 Ways to Increase Your Brain Power For Architecture School

And naturally, I’ll also be starting more new series and adding fresh meat, primarily to the Learn Design and Health & Fitness Categories. By early next year, we should be hitting our first 100. Pretty exciting thought right there.

Oh, and before I forget! Add us on Facebook and Twitter and help us reach out to you? Yes? yes? :3 It’ll just take one click or two of your time! Muchas gracias!

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Now, where was I? Oh yes. Moving on.

3.) The mailing list for the Archi Student Help Newsletter will be up soon.

My newsletter client is getting its act together, and I’m setting up all the things I need to start sending regular newsletters for learning-hungry subscribers.

So this is just a heads up, but if you’d like to have quality content wrapped in linen and placed straight into your email of choice, please BE READY TO SUBSCRIBE.

No spam, no junk, guaranteed. I’ve got a commitment to quality and ethics right here.

Other than getting the regular newsletter that will make your reading more pleasurable and efficient, subscribing in the future will also grant you some free gifts from yours truly – includingggg…. *looks down*

4.) I’ll be giving away my first short eBOOK for Free! ^_^

You heard me right. I’m starting to distill and collate the writing and info for my first eBook here on Archi Student Help. I’ve got a lot of topics to dial into, but I’m in the process of choosing the most apt central theme as we speak.

I do know this for sure though – it will be a manageable number of pages, easy to read, in PDF form, and especially helpful for younger students and high school hopefuls.

Yes, again, it will be free. And I hope a lot of people will be helped by it.

Last but not least, I’d like to endorse one post on the blog for October that I feel is something everyone should read.

5.) My favorite post of the month is also the most solemn one.
Overcast sky- cropped

If you haven’t yet, I suggest you read “ON DEATH, CANCER, AND LIVING FOR OTHERS: NEVER TAKE ANYONE FOR GRANTED” – one of our most popular posts thus far.

It’s a very personal post with a message that I really believe in. So if you’d like to have a bit more of meaningful reflection heading into this All Soul’s weekend, then it would be a great read for you.

Let’s not forget the really important things in life. 🙂


All in all, the blog is doing A-okay, and then some. :3

A good amount of growth in its first month of strong activity, and a whole lot more growth to go.

Thank you to all the consistent readers thus far, and my arm is outstretched to all those who think this is an interesting place that they could hang out in every so often.

Keep learning, and ’til the next happy BLOGDATE.

Stay happy!



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