BLOGDATE #1: Good Beginnings – What to Expect?

Welcome to your first date with Adam.

Please don’t run away and allow me to explain. I want to do a lot of good with this site as it develops, and I want you guys to know how I’m doing every step of the way. So I’ll be writing regular blog updates (blog-dates, get it?) to keep you in step with how I’m working to make Overcoming Archi-torture a better, more effective piece of textual intercourse for everyone.

It’s part of my commitment to transparency, and hopefully bringing down the walls somewhat will allow me to reach out in a more comfortable manner. Boom boom pow.

Today’s Blogdate (the firrsst!) will introduce the blog in its first iteration, give the first glimpse of the book’s progress, and fill you in on what to expect from me in the near future.

1.) The Blog is solidifying its roots and is currently under development (as is easily seen).

I’m still continuously learning and settling down into the broad strokes of the content and the branding. You can expect that I’ll be a bit dynamic these next few months in pursuit of the most apt visuals, text, and information that will benefit my target niche (the young architecture student who needs some help and a few laughs).

I want the blog to be simple and easy to read. The way I gear my articles will hopefully be a testament to that. At the same time, I’ve been cross-referencing the layout with its mobile site to be sure that those who want to read entries on their iPhones or tablets will have a pleasant and easy experience.

You’ll also find that I’ll be trying to keep the graphics cutesy and a bit simplistic. It’s my initial vision – I want to simplify complex concepts into rudiments, so the blog’s images have to echo that somehow. With that said, all the little paint graphics I’ve currently placed are indicative placeholders. As time progresses, you can expect that I’ll be revisiting them, improving  them, and setting the path for the future cohesive brand.

Sad Adam

Yes Adam, you and your MS Paint greatness are just temporary. You’ll have your due makeover in the future, brah.

I’ve got an open mind and am hungry to learn. So if you have any suggestions, feel free to make them known to 🙂

2.) The first book is in the manuscript writing phase, and is being formatted for Kindle, Google Books, iTunes books, and other eReaders.

While I’ll be releasing a lot of content here on the blog, I’m really excited for the great compendium of information I’ll be putting in the book/s. 🙂 I’ve got it completely outlined and have been writing the manuscript diligently, so you can expect the first book on Attitude, Formation, and Design Fundamentals to be released by 1st Quarter next year.

However, I’m also open to the idea of dividing the books into a series of more easily digestible volumes. I’m just currently churning out content while keeping in mind that it can be meaningfully dissected and collated in the future. For now, I’m writing as if it will all land into one large, helpful book.

Manuscript Writing

In terms of formatting, I initially thought about just doing it as a PDF, but after researching diligently, I thought I’d try something different. I’m here to help the young, contemporary architecture student. And chances are, you guys have a smartphone, tablet, or Kindle that you fiddle with in between classes or on your commutes. I thought I’d take advantage of this and find a format that would best complement your gadgets. I wanted to bring the great, helpful guide I’ve prepared in the most personal and effective way, so you can read it in a manner that is most comfortable to you. 🙂

Most architecture books are in PDF because they are primarily graphic and wouldn’t translate very well into formats like ePub – which allow the reader to adjust their pagination, fonts and sizes to their liking so they can read it easily on any screen size. I want to break the norm and shake things up a bit by formatting my books to be read on eReaders from the get-go, allowing for a very democratic, personalized, and easy on the eyes experience. Keep your fingers crossed guys, it’s going to be awesome!

3. Like an egg that is about to hatch, I’m still keeping a low profile on social media, but that will change soon enough.

The pages and accounts are made, but since I’m still ironing out the foundations here, I’m not yet making it a point to bolster my online presence on Facebook or Twitter. Once I’ve got solid roots dialed in and I’ve produced an appreciable amount of quality content, then you can expect things to start bubbling.

With that said, it would be great if you subscribe and follow me as early as now! :3 Click the follow button on the side bar, as well as the Twitter and FB links located there too. Be one of the first!

4. Bottom Line: What to expect from me in the near future?

– Better, more effective branding, and a definite upgraded direction in terms of graphics.
– A LOT of quality content that will be light, enlightening, and useful.
– A GREAT first book that is set to be every young Architecture Student’s best friend.
– Sunshine, butterflies, happiness, and a genuine drive to help you out.

 I’m really excited for what’s to come. Hope you are too.

Stay invested, and let’s move forward.




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