Learn, Plan, Commit, Adapt – the Fundamental Formula for Growth.


Success doesn’t come overnight. In my young seedling age, I’m not even considering that paradigm anymore.

I’ve learned early on from my parents and mentors that road to the greatest of triumphs is a long and arduous process that has no short cuts. If you want real success to blossom, it’s apparent that you have to nurture it from a seedling and slowly tend to it as it grows to maturity.

It’s delayed gratification. I’m in love with the concept of delayed gratification. I think it’s a beautiful ideal – because it makes work a whole lot more meaningful. And living out this mindset for the long term is a reward in itself; the character you develop in being process oriented will make you a more awesome person, guaranteed.

Bring the meticulous note taker that I am, I distilled all that I’ve learned into a basic four phase concept for success – something I’ll be constantly putting to the test for the long haul:

  1. The first step to getting what you want is knowing what you want.

  2. The second step to getting what you want is creating a plan on how to get it.

  3. The third step in getting what you want, is following your plan “today“, every day.

  4. And the fourth step in getting what you want –  is to be ready to adapt.  

Be prepared to re-evaluate your plans, and start the cycle of learning anew when things don’t work out. This doesn’t mean changing your goal – it means being hungry enough to find better ways to achieve it.

Thomas Edison, the man responsible for inventing the light bulb, “failed” thousands of times before he found a design that worked. And don’t think he had the best support system either – his teachers called him hopeless, ignorant, and unable to learn when he was younger. That didn’t stop him. He kept learning, planning, committing, and adapting to get what he wanted.

Learn, Plan, Commit, Adapt. It’s easier said than done, for sure. But I really believe that the discipline in following a paradigm like this is the most fulfilling way to get what you want.

Care to join me in putting that to the test?

Stay invested, and let’s succeed together.




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